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4 Oct


With the days getting shorter, a certain chill in the air and trees slowly starting to change colour, autumn is well under way now. Whether we like it or not, Christmas has already started to sneak into shops and supermarkets. The displays of Christmas cards is growing daily, as is the section with Christmas chocolates and decorations. Not long now, and, like last year and the year before and before etc, the question will pop up again: What are we going to do about this year’s Christmas Party???

A Makeup Masterclass or a pamper party is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Get some friends or colleagues together and learn how to choose makeup that brings out your best features. Try out different colours and learn how best to apply foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick. Alternatively, book a pamper party with us. We come with gorgeous goody bags for you to take home after a free hours spent pampering you with facials and so much more. It’s relaxing, a little bit of “me”-time and always good fun,

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